Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Chowder is Unofficially Over

It saddens me to realize this as a reality, but it is exactly that... another CN realty that is. All of the efforts of the super talented creator C.H. Greenblatt and the awesome crew are for not. Cartoon Network looks like it won't be Producing any more new episodes of Chowder...the show is not being cancelled though!!!...it's just not being picked up. If you can separate the politically correct distinction in that phrase, please let me know I'd love to be enlightened. I try to explain to fans as well as my daughter being a huge one.......why???.....only to be at a loss for words.......and then I quietly exit the room after all the sad grumblings.
Thanx to the whole crew for the good times and inspiring art and to the fans for the stellar ratings.

Chowder Designs

None of these designs would have been possible without the super talents of Carl and the awesome storyboard artists. Thanx you guys.

Costco Cartoon Contest

I already know that I didn't win anything...but here is my entry anyway. I have a history of giving all of my money to Costco...I should have known that they would'nt give any of it back. Congratulations to the winners!

Random Chowder Drawings

These are some of my drawings from the last two seasons.

My Buddy Kissyface

This puppet was made from one of my Designs for Chowder. Check out these Puppet Masters. Thanx Carl!

Firehouse Tales

This was one of the last shows I worked on at Warner Brothers. It was a CG show with 2D elements. It was originally ment to be an anchor for the New Tickle-U early morning block on Cartoon Network(which dosn't exist anymore).
It was headed up by the talents of Ken Kessel.

* toys from my designs (pic 1)
* some of my original design sketches (pic 2)

My Prop Designs